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St. Patty’s Day Valentine

It was St. Patrick's day last year and my false lashes were glued on heavy and thick. I drove east towards the desert where it was winter and the air was thin and icy. Snow-tipped San Jacinto Mountain [...]

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Behind Dave, the tall Marine in a Cowboys t-shirt signed his name with a blue Sharpie on the wrinkled American flag that hung on the wall behind him. Marines came and went from Desert Showgirls. Their [...]

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Nowhere Near Gone

In this hipster café on Valencia Street, Bob Dylan is playing. A minute ago it was The Cure. The line for fancy coffee is long and spills outside onto the sidewalk. In front of me and behind me, [...]

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To Those Who Have Come Before, I Salute You: Viva La Vita

This is still Fiction and this is still Psycho Ex Girlfriend Club: Episode 3: Viva La Vita When we lived together, Blake and I went jogging on a flat 3-mile soft dirt trail that looped around the [...]

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Psycho Ex Girlfriend Club 2: Kit: Another Bullshit Night in Snoop City

The following post is fictional. Any likeness to people or 12-step programs real or imagined is tough shit. For the panty liner commercial I run barefoot on the beach in a white gauze blouse that [...]

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The Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Club

The following story is fictional. Any likeness to people or 12-step programs real or imagined is tough shit. The day Break Up Club went rogue, the girls were all shoving Allesandra’s tiny velve [...]

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We Were Babies

In the 90’s when I was 20, the Lower Haight was where we scored thirty-dollar Baggies of speed and shopped for white vintage lace slips in black buckled witchy boots. We bought albums and mix [...]

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I Want To Give You Some Things

Crazy, mid-July rain poured buckets on the 10 Freeway, stopping traffic to a halt. The sky cracked violet with lightening, which reminded me of New Orleans, during a happier time when I stripped on B [...]

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In Strippers I Trust (Desert Showgirls)

Last November, I followed two strippers to the desert. They swore there was money and I trusted them. I had to make a move. A fat tax bill from last year remained delinquent. I had a sizable car pay [...]

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The Runs

That running a half marathon was startlingly lonely was no surprise, however nearly shitting my pants twice while on the trail was. My friend and running partner, L had hinted the day before that [...]

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What We Tell Ourselves (To Go On)

It’s comforting to walk through the grass-covered courtyard, past the jasmine bushes to dig through mailbox #11, which is not my mailbox, nor my apartment. But #11 is where my mail arrives and it’ [...]

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Forget the Lashes: The Next Brave Thing

4:10 A.M. is the best time to be in Highland Park. Figueroa is desolate. At any other hour, Fig’s a street normally abuzz with fast cars and the assault of sirens. A scruffy black cat scurries benea [...]

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