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What the Heart Wants: Letter to a Greedy Man

* I have not changed this letter at all in order to preserve its authenticity, so it contains typos. Dear Antonia, First, sorry for my bad English This is the story of the last 8 years of m [...]

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My Butch Exes Who Are Now Men

Nathan informed me that he had undergone top surgery and, in a good-humored tone stated that he looked forward to having “All male anatomy. No more female.” He mentioned in the email that he was sure I would not be surprised (I wasn’t).

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We Are All Whimpering Dogs Inside: Letter from a Man in Love with an Escort

And he Replied: Hi Again, Thank you. I appreciate it. Just wanted to say that when I mentioned that I had gone out with the girl to see a movie, it was not totally a business transaction. She b [...]

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Writing Proces Blog Tour Palooza

Author, activist and great friend Melissa Chadburn asked me to answer a few questions for the Writing Process Blog Tour. I met Melissa in San Francisco long before hashtags, before Tinder, Google [...]

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The Pressure to Come: Letter From a Girl

Hey Slut, I'm almost 18 and have yet to have an orgasm. I find it nearly impossible to arouse myself on purpose, with touch or otherwise, so when I do find myself aroused I try to take advantage of [...]

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Tiny Window

I’m bothered lately with lot of the current chatter about feminism and literary citizenship in our busy Twittery landscape where monstrous self-promotion is disguised as service and the line between [...]

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Rodney the Regular

Some strippers acquire loyal, slightly obsessed customers who become devotees for months or years at a time. In the biz, those guys are called “regulars.” Regulars are often married or divorced an [...]

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St. Patty’s Day Valentine

It was St. Patrick's day last year and my false lashes were glued on heavy and thick. I drove east towards the desert where it was winter and the air was thin and icy. Snow-tipped San Jacinto Mountain [...]

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Behind Dave, the tall Marine in a Cowboys t-shirt signed his name with a blue Sharpie on the wrinkled American flag that hung on the wall behind him. Marines came and went from Desert Showgirls. Their [...]

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Nowhere Near Gone

In this hipster café on Valencia Street, Bob Dylan is playing. A minute ago it was The Cure. The line for fancy coffee is long and spills outside onto the sidewalk. In front of me and behind me, [...]

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To Those Who Have Come Before, I Salute You: Viva La Vita

This is still Fiction and this is still Psycho Ex Girlfriend Club: Episode 3: Viva La Vita When we lived together, Blake and I went jogging on a flat 3-mile soft dirt trail that looped around the [...]

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Psycho Ex Girlfriend Club 2: Kit: Another Bullshit Night in Snoop City

The following post is fictional. Any likeness to people or 12-step programs real or imagined is tough shit. For the panty liner commercial I run barefoot on the beach in a white gauze blouse that [...]

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