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Loving a Sex Worker: Letter from Austin

Hi Antonia, I have been dating a beautiful, intelligent sex worker for few months. By sex worker I mean a woman who does Pro Domme sessions and gives handjobs sometimes.  She’s also been a stri [...]

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Rooms I Have Known: Folsom Street Yellows

     My last apartment in San Francisco was on Folsom Street. It was a dark, barn of a Victorian with an unfinished wood floor that collected dirt.  I swept the floors a lot and mopped, but the re [...]

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Rooms I’ve Known: Visions- How Old Are You?

"How old are you?" The cowboy guzzled a Bud Light and squinted at me through smoke. I was teetering towards geriatric stripper and I wondered if he knew it. I grinned at him anyway, because after a co [...]

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