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Rooms I Have Known: Night of the Lilies

    The Polk Inn was a modern, clean, rectangular building right in the center of the grubby Tenderloin, where winos waved their lotto tickets in my face, tranny hookers strutted their goods like st [...]

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Rooms I Have Known: Where She Dies

(2007)     The office was square and dinky with pale, peach color walls like the Avon lipsticks Mom and I used to order from catalogues in the early 80’s. The pink lipsticks I wanted had names [...]

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Rooms I Have Known 2: “Don’t Sign with Billy Valentine”

(1998) I had better tell you where I was, and why— A bleak beige hotel a mile off the strip, a shithole under construction in Vegas, nowhere near the Casinos. I was with my friend Janine. We were bi [...]

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