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Licking the Faces of 2011

    My dad used to play a game with me. After he suited up for work in a jacket and tie, he’d dig in his pockets for change then he’d ask me, “Who’s the President on the coin or bill?” If [...]

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I Regret Selling Grace Landing

   It was time to leave. The empty Tularosa apartment had tacks and bobby pins embedded in the ratty, brown rug along with ancient hairballs from my fussy male cats. The window ledges were covered i [...]

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Forever Might Not Be That Long

          I left a fabulous two-bedroom Victorian apartment in the Mission in 2002 to follow my stoner boyfriend down South after he announced, “I’m moving to LA with my band.” We cr [...]

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Getting Back Up

  [caption id="attachment_659" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Humboldt"][/caption] When I reached for dollars to pay for my coffee at Cafe Leche, I couldn't find the picture of my m [...]

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