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Remnants of Come

             Fifty-five steps. At the hand job place, I climb fifty-five steps carrying heavy bags of shit: towels, sheets and pillow cases bulge out of a leather bag on one shoulder; on th [...]

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Powdered Perfect

(1991 Humboldt-SF) *I'm thick into revisions for the book and this is a section I'm working on, from the old days)       The woman I left sleeping wore cowboy boots. The night before, [...]

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Mom’s Golden Chain

Summer's the best time in Humboldt. [caption id="attachment_517" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Trinidad Humboldt Summer"][/caption] There are faded blue steps leading up to my Mom’s [...]

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What Bubbles Beneath the Want?

Antonia, My question is I want to find a non-pro female sex worker (someone who doesn't strip, escort, etc) to have a night of fun with.  Like the next-door type/soccer mom.  I know that a lot of [...]

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