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Love Happens When it Happens: Letter From a Man Who Hired a Suicidal Escort

May 28, 2011 Antonia, I hoped I could talk to you about something that happened that I would like your insights and thoughts on. I am older man, 64 almost 65, since my last relationship ended five [...]

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Coin Toss

(*For M. Hill-thank you- and the New Orleans Saints) In 2009, New Orleans was rebuilding its spirit at the same time I was rebuilding mine. I never knew pre-Katrina New Orleans, only its aftermath [...]

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To Strip or Not to Strip: Letter from a Young Girl

Hi, My friend told me that I should write to you. I’ve been thinking about becoming a stripper and I am looking for some perspective. From experience, I know that my ideas turn out to be either extr [...]

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