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Unhappy Endings

I read memoirs because I love reading about a life splayed on the page as an art form. Eileen Myles' “Cool For You” was sulfuric. It reminded me of soaking in rotten egg water in the woods right a [...]

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The Burning Building of Her Skin

I received this letter from a man who reads my writing. Certain details have been omitted to protect the innocent. Hey Antonia, You don't really know me, I guess, and this email is going to be [...]

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Back by popular demand: Sometimes a Pivotal Moment

By the Request of a reader~For J. Knox: There are pivotal moments that happen and you’re never the same after that.  Here’s a collection of some. [caption id="attachment_350" [...]

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I Locked TV on the Radio in my Closet

(2008, Los Angeles) I hated dancing at Cheetahs on Hollywood boulevard. It was dead and depressing, full of cheap Armenian gangsters who never paid me for dances. They just sat around doing vodka s [...]

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Fear is Snow That Sticks to My Tongue

Dad insisted we leave in the middle of the night. He liked to get places first. I was cranky and eight years old and half asleep so when my big brother said, “We’re going. Grab your suitcase,” I [...]

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