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Los Angeles 2007 “When are you coming home?” Mom’s voice sounded as if her mouth was stuffed with Kleenex, the muffled hymn of giving up. I needed to talk her out of it in person but I was spe [...]

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Teach Me How to Say Good Bye

When Kate Winslet’s psychic tells you "Don't miss your moment," you listen. I’d come to her with three stupid questions, as directed, but the only thing I wanted to know was why the man I fell [...]

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Why are you a Prostitute?

In October, 2010, I met a man in a lobby named Joe and spent nearly twenty-four hours in LA County Jail on a prostitution charge. [caption id="attachment_192" align="aligncenter" width="300 [...]

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I Hit Rock Bottom on Hancock Street

I promised you I'd write once a week. Please see previous post for pics of India and the boyfriend in drag. Special Thanks to Mary Moses for her contribution to my blog this week. [caption id="att [...]

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